LOTRO: Lord of the Rings Online

It is a MMORPG that plays a lot like WoW, but based in a Lord of the Rings setting. There are some really good ideas added to the mix that make this one a lot fun to play. Now that it has gone free to play, why not give it a try?

Free to play. Comparison of VIP, Premium ( bought points ), and Free. The announcement.

So, your first choices will be race, at the same time, you will chose your class.

Might +15
Will -8
Fate +15
Improved Morale Restoration

All the races are fun to play, so pick something you will like.

Class overview. I have tried several different classes so far, and they are excellent. Some suit my play style more than others, but I have yet to find a class that I just don't like.

Choosing a Class, Part 1: Soloing
Choosing a Class, Part 2: Grouping

Rune Keeper. This class requires the Mines of Moria expansion. This is a great value for your character, it will expand your character slots from 2 or 3 to 5, and it will also unlock your bags. and two new classes. I bought mine with points, which was not my best option, apparently, you can do better if you pick up the expansion directly, possibly from

The RK class can chose to heal or dps going into battle. The more DPS spells the RK casts, the deadlier spells come active. And much the same for the healing side.

So far I have leveled RK to 62. Notes: RK Healing. Although the RK does have a mid sized heal spell, the real power is in a series of heal over time spells, as well as a powerful group heal.

RK DPS. The RK does have some fire dot spells stacking, which can bring the DPS up, but most of the spells feel like short cast nukes.

I have switched to using a lightning stone, for healing and for DPS, mainly for the improved chance of stunning mobs.

With the flexibility to switch between modes, the RK is a great class to play.

Mounts. When your character turns 20, you should get a mount. For non-VIP players, you will have to spend turbine points for riding skill, and then pay additional silver to get the mount at Hengstacer Farm. Here, you can see pictures and some information about other mount options.

Unlike many other MMORPG games, the crafting skills can produce some of the best gear for your level in the game. Jewelcrafting list. (incomplete)

This Hierarchy of Peril is handy for knowing how stout a nearby foe might be.

How to get to Rivendell whether you are a crafter, or running a chicken quest.

Hope Tokens when all things seem dark, you are a click away from hope.

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